Meet newbie Levi Madison as we bring you his first trip up to the Ranch. I was looking forward to meeting Levi in person especially since it seems like we have been chatting forever. Don’t get me wrong, one pic and he had me but what might be even sexier is this guy’s attitude.

I could pic that beautiful smile out in a crowd of thousands and sure enough Levi walked out of the terminal he immediately drew my attention. The ride out to the Ranch is a long one so I felt like Levi and I pretty much knew everything about each other. Levi has a way of getting you to tell him really naughty things without even realizing what you’re doing. He’s fucking hot.

We woke Levi up early one morning and took him out to one of the pastures so that we could all get to know him a little better. Levi leaned up against the fence with his long lean body and slowly took off all his clothes leaving just his boots on. The sun was framing Levi’s six pack abs as the wind blew a nice breeze through his low hanging balls.

Levi grabbed his big at cock and stroked it a while as he enjoyed the freedom of being naked out in the cool air. Then Levi dropped to his knees in the long grass and sat back on his boots and worked his cock faster and faster. Levi let out a gasp as he unloaded a hot creamy load all over his shirt. Look for more of Levi and his adventures at the Ranch to cum soon.

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