It took a while and quite a bit of convincing (not to mention a wad of cash) to finally get Ari over for a servicing video. Since he’s told so many of his friends about making the leap into doing porn, he was mostly afraid that someone might search out the scenes he’s done… and come across this one. So, shhhhh!

Ari seemed a little “stiff” starting out, probably not quite sure how to react to getting head from a guy for the first time. His dick was another story. It was very stiff when I pulled it out of his shorts. The initial awkwardness Ari was feeling only lasted a minute, though, and once his clothes were off it was clear that he was starting to enjoy the attention.

Especially when the attention was my tongue on his ass. He didn’t seem to realize that it would feel as good as it apparently did.

Sometimes it can take a little more work to get the guys to the finish line. With Ari, his cumshot almost came out of nowhere. He let out a sudden groan, “I’m gonna cum,” and then grabbed his cock to try and stop it. I grabbed it from him and finished him off by stroking out a load that splattered onto his stomach.

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